A Hero Is Born


Imagine a world where invisible beings wage wars and create substances, which control everything around us! A place of infinite growth, wonder, and chaos! A place where heroes are born and villains are challenged! The only chance for survival in this world of chaos rests on knowledge, science, and tough choices! Now realize the world imagined is your world! Your reality!

Welcome to the volatile chemical world, a biosphere we struggle to survive each day without ever knowing exactly how precarious and unstable our very existence remains.


You must see the truth of your existence! If the present world will not accept the challenge for the future, then new heroes must arise! A new spirit of adventure, a bright promise of future warriors dedicated to continue the fight for life must be born. Feel the power, be the warrior, experience the adventure in the Adventures of the Elements!

Become a guardian in the Adventures of the Elements!

In the Adventures of the Elements, follow the saga of a family of heroic youngsters chosen to save the world from self-destruction through the knowledge of the elements. These chosen five have volunteered to join the element guardians in the ultimate fight for our survival.

Each guardian is an element, from the periodic table, who harnesses the atomic power of that element. However, it is the decisions of the children and their assimilation of knowledge that decides the fate of planet earth!


What began as a book series and trading card game is now evolving into a 3D animated movie! This is edutainment taken to a new level, an exciting medium that captivates. No longer must we languish in antiquated educational settings and textbooks because the Adventures of the Elements advances education into the realm of entertainment where students thrive and learn at an unprecedented rate. University studies have shown the effectiveness of learning through entertainment. Adventures of the Elements makes it a reality.

Adventures of the Elements – Hello Parents and Educators

Adventures of the Elements, targeted for ages eight through high school, combines fantasy and adventure with cutting-edge, high-end 3-D animation. This is a character driven story where children learn that all entities can perform good or evil depending on the choices they make. Facing the influences of power, avarice, and corruption, the children persevere and earn the respect of the element world.

The Adventures of the Elements (AoE) concept is derived from a series of children’s novels wherein five siblings discover sunglasses through which they can see the elements from the Periodic Table. These elements are personified into super-hero like characters with powers based upon their chemical properties. The children embark on a series of adventures both through history and contemporary time to save the world from evil forces, molecules, and atoms. Substantial scientific learning has been shown to result from experiencing the books and the related trading card game.

Adventures of the Elements value lies in its ability to relay information about the chemical elements and science through a riveting, epic tale. For instance, the first names of the elements begin with their chemical symbols found on the periodic table such as in Ollie Oxygen (O for oxygen), Xerxes Xenon (Xe for xenon), Arla Argon (Ar for argon), and Casper Calcium (Ca for calcium). In essence, the captivating animation gives science a personality through a gripping, spine-tingling adventure.

Each of the element guardians and molecules possess unique powers depending upon how that element or molecule reacts in nature. Thus, like the superheroes, each element guardian controls a unique ability, style, and motion. An original, distinctive, and effective method of introducing children of all ages to scientific terminology and concepts while incorporating other academic areas such as history, English, and the arts.

With a firm belief that education is the key to solving the world’s enigmas including poverty, disease, and the lack of basic human rights, we have historically partnered with numerous individuals and entities to improve education.

According to Jim Miller, former President at Warner Brothers, “AoE [Adventures of the Elements] is great. Unique in the educational/ entertainment arena. In an arena where most offerings are neither educational nor entertaining, AoE stands apart.”

Adventures of the Elements provide tools for enhancing education and for shaping education policy. The product effectively reaches and resonates with students and educators globally. The objective is to actively engage all students in science, reading, and math in an environment conducive to students’ interests. With today’s children watching television and movies, playing video games, and surfing the internet, there exists a medium for education through entertainment. The ultimate goal is to not only expose more students to science, reading, and math but to encourage students to garner an interest to pursue various career fields. With knowledge, one gains peace of mind, which eliminates the fear that breeds anger, prejudice, and war. AoE works to invigorate and inspire children, our world’s future, to thirst for knowledge.

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